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Design a concept for a new app

Design a concept for a new app that would help solve a problem, or could make life easier, or more enjoyable for a character in your book. 

You are not required to actually create the app.



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Your design expertise is required! One of the characters from a book you have read is seeking your assistance to design some bespoke (custom made) pieces for them. 


You are required to design two of the following:                                                              - a piece of jewellery              - an accessory                      - a set of clothing                  - a sculpture or piece
of art. 


Consider your character’s personality, taste (such as favourite colour) as well as what is special to them. 


Use this (as well as other relevant information about the character) to design your pieces.                                              

For each creation, include a written piece explaining your choices and what it reflects about the character.



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Scene in a jar

In a jar, bottle or bowl, represent your favourite scene from a book you

have read. 


The challenge will be to create a miniature version of the scene. 

Explain why this is your favourite scene.



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Create a playlist

Choose a character and based on your knowledge of this character, create a playlist of songs for him or her. 

The songs selected need to relate to significant events the character experienced (for example, a summer time holiday may lead you to select a summer themed or beach song) as well as the emotions the character felt. 


The play list should be designed to create a feeling or mood when listening to it, for example happy, inspiring.


Each activity comes with a guide full of inspiration as well as a process to follow to complete the activities
(the process is designed so that responses are not restricted in any way). The guide also includes thinking skills activities as well as possible ideas to consider in order to complete the activity. The responses are only limited by the imagination.



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A splash of this
and a dash of that

Create a recipe for a character. This is not a typical recipe. 

The ingredients are going to be inspired by the character’s likes, dislikes, personality traits and relationships. 


See examples included in this activity for further explanation and inspiration.

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