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Students direct their learning. Students choose what they want to read, which activities to complete and the way in which the activity will be completed. Students can read any genre and any author so long as it is deemed appropriate by the teacher.


The program provides many opportunities for students to share in creative ways what they are reading. The goal with these opportunities is that students inspire their peers to read a genre they had not previously read, or explore a series or author they were formerly unfamiliar with. Peer recommendations can be very powerful and this program gives students the knowledge, skills and tools to ‘sell’ their favourite books in a way that is irresistible.



This program is all about offering options in an effort to tailor the program to suit individual needs and interests.

The activities are fun, easy to follow and highly engaging. Artists have created interesting illustrations to complement each activity. This art has been specifically designed to inspire students and stimulate their imagination.

Students can be rewarded (with the keys as outlined on the page titled: How Does Reading Opens Doors work?)

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